Wake Up To the Weekend

7-8am Saturday & Sunday (listen again 5-6am Sunday) on VCS Radio Cardiff 98.7FM

Connor wakes up the Welsh capital with his high energy, humour and vast  musical knowledge (both old and new). He covers all the latest gossip, news and stories to make the city laugh and ready to tackle the day ahead! Playing brand new music ranging from major chart toppers to indie  start-ups. 

A special weekly feature on the show is the' Future Classic’, which is where the best new music is showcased and can be  easily found on a unique Spotify and Apple Music Playlist titled with the same name.

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BHR Drive Time

5-7pm Monday on BHR (Bridgend's Hospital Radio)

Two hours of the stories that will make you smile while visiting the Princess of Wales Hospital while playing you all the latest & biggest singles from his 'Squeezed Weekly Playlist' on Spotify and Apple Music. Fancy a laugh and a new song or two? Listen back to the show now on Mixcloud and live via bhr.wales, MyTuner Radio and in the Princess of Wales Hospital.

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Cover Shows

Anytime on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM & Bridgend's Hospital Radio (BHR)

Connor often takes on the reigns of shows and covers throughout the week on some of the most high profile show including Drive Time. Listen back to the most recent cover below.